Maidstone Young Musician – brief introduction

Maidstone Young Musician Competition

Maidstone Young Musician (MYM) is an annual competition and performing opportunity for talented young musicians, held in Maidstone.

Maidstone Young Musician is run by Maidstone Dawn Patrol Rotary Club.

How do I enter?

Entry into the competition is via the Maidstone Music Festival (MMF) 

This year, due to Covid 19 and the difficulty of numbers of people meeting, the festival will be judged online. The adjudications will be from videos sent by the competitors. It is all made straightforward by the Play&Perform programme. The player uploads the URL of their video to the site. It is only accessible to the organisers and the adjudicator, unless the competitor chooses to make it public.

Classes include piano, strings, wind, accordion, singing and solo versatility, and entries are attracted from a wide geographical area. 

The Maidstone Music Festival 2021 is judged in late November, and the closing date for entries is 13 November 

For information and applications 

go to


or phone 01622 750943.

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